No rose without a thorn., Your Pokemon Trainer Class

Subway Boss Grimsley Wants to Battle!

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    Rival Heather Wants to Battle!
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    Leader Penguin Wants to Battle! Zubat | Swampert | Croagunk BLEGH ZUBAT Although good on the Swampert
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    Palace Maven Lyrica Wants to Battle!Pokemon: Growlithe | Vileplume | Flaaffy
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    Artist Logan Wants to Battle! Natu | Charizard | Feraligatr Well then. At least the teams is 2/3 right for me.
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    Pokémon Trainer Samie Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Quilava | Regice | Stunky
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    zeff-draws: tiredpiemod: sallymon: dugdemo: toripocalypse: aurialle: Psychic Aurialle Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Granbull...
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    Poké Kid Caster Wants to Battle!Pokemon: Meganium | Slowbro | Heatran Meh… I can live with this :’T
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    Cooltrainer Lilia Wants to Battle!Pokemon: Spearow | Spheal | Remoraid awww yeaahhh Spearow 5 ever. Thug life right...
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    Rocket Executive Ditto Wants to Battle! Weezing | Sandslash | Ledian Well, at least they got my personality right.
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    Dome Ace Pixel Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Ledian | Jirachi | Houndour
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    Elder Nickolas Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Noctowl | Zangoose | Aipom IF I WIN, YOU’LL GET OFF MY LAWN
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    Leader Dickbutt-McGee Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Tentacruel | Ninjask | Azumarill I’m the leader of crappy teams...
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    Hiker Smeghenegham Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Aipom | Ralts | GlaceonI ain’t no hiker like you’ve ever seen b’fore.
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    GAME FREAK static Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Lapras | Bagon | Crobat holy shit i’m a dev and i got good pokemon
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    GAME FREAK Ciaran Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Abra | Flygon | Azumarill
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    Pilot Ash Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Ho-oh | Wingull | Shaymin (I approve of this…)
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    Gambler Dann~ Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Venusaur | Manectric | Bayleef
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    Palace Maven badhawaiian-shirts Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Hypno | Spoink | Prinplup Dang. Palace Maven. My team even...
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    Arena Tycoon mrbubba Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Muk | Spheal | Togetic
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    Elite Four Macy Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Venomoth | Flygon | Quilava AWYEAH
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    Blackbelt Oz Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Tentacruel | Koffing | Quilava Ninja Boy Jeune Wants to Battle! Pokemon:...
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    Rival paranana Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Nidorino | Wingull | Mime Jr. im a rival omf
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    Pokemon Trainer Book Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Mr. Mime | Latias | Chimchar Not bad. Team Plasma Grunt Aaron Wants to...
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    Clerk Danika Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Weezing | Nidoqueen | Furret
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    Aqua Admin Carlie Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Quilava | Pelipper | Floatzel …well would you look at that. FUCK ALL YOUR...
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    Ruin Maniac Becca Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Crobat | Carvanha | Flaaffy
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    Mysticalman Mitsu Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Xatu | Groudon | Slugma i’m eusine only with the wrong kind of legendary...
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    Waitress lefrin Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Girafarig | Solrock | Lumineon … Waitress lefrin :——D
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    Gambler Weenyah Wants to Battle! Pokemon: Misdreavus | Ralts | Lickilicky Oh god why lickylicky :”D nothing against...